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In-person learning available PreK-5 in February.

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Mind Jar (Mindful Seeing)

A mind jar is a tool we can use to practice mindful seeing. It can help us calm down or reset. Imagine the glitter as your thoughts. When you shake the jar, imagine your head full of swirling thoughts. Set the jar down, put your hand on your anchor spot and breathe mindfully. Notice how you feel as the glitter slowly settles to the bottom of the jar. We talked about using the mind jar as a Mindfulness tool that can help us calm down when we are feeling stressed, upset, or overwhelmed.  You can also practice mindful seeing by watching a bird in the sky, the trees blowing in the wind, etc.


  1. Recycle a plastic water or juice bottle (Ms. Jen uses a juice bottle from WholeSum Kitchen on 50th & Bryant). Remove label and wash it well.
  2. Fill bottle 2/3 full with warm water.
  3. Add approximately 1/4 tsp. clear glue, place cap on, and shake well.
  4. Add 1/4 tsp. fine glitter, 1/2 tsp. regular glitter (darker color), and 1 tiny drop of food coloring. Place the cap on and shake well.
  5. Fill the rest of the water bottle (leave a little space at the top) with clear corn syrup and shake well.
  6. Sit with a mindful body and breathe slowly as you watch the glitter (your thoughts) settle. Notice how you feel.

Family Challenge: Use a mind jar or the amazing world around you to practice mindful seeing. What do you notice? How do you feel?

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