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Important School Announcements

Burroughs Health and Safety Plan

Find information about our school's plans for keeping students and staff safe during in-person learning. Please reach out to Patty Fetter, Covid coordinator, with any questions.


Covid Self Screen & Attendance

The health and safety of our students and staff is a priority. To minimize the risk of Covid for students and staff, please screen your student for illness before they leave for school each morning. Keep your student home if they:

1. Have any symptom of illness (runny nose, fever, headache, stomachache, fatigue, any symptom).

2. Were a close contact of someone who tested positive for Covid

3. Have tested positive for Covid

4. Are waiting for the results of a Covid test

5. Someone in your home has tested positive for Covid

We will have a low threshold for sending students home and a high suspicion for Covid. You may also review attendance guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Health relating to Covid-19 along with additional resources and a helpful decision tree. If your child will be absent, please notify the school by calling the attendance line at 612-668-3288. 


Return to In-person Learning FAQ and Health & Safety Videos

This FAQ includes a link to information about air filtration, building preparedness, and environmental health and safety information. Watch these health and safety videos on how MPS schools for in-person learning.


Morning Drop-off Circle

Families can drop students off at school beginning at 8:55 am. Please do not drop students off before 8:55. School staff is typically in meetings until that time and we do not have the capacity to supervise students. When dropping students off, please remember to pull all the way around in the parking circle. Caregivers, please DO NOT park and get out of the car. It is important to have students ready to exit the car quickly in order to keep the traffic moving. 


NEW: Additional Morning Drop-off Locations 

We know the parking circle can be a stressful experience in the morning. Other drop off locations that you can consider, include the Mount Olivet parking lot or on James Ave north of 50th St. across from the Mount Olivet Chapel. We have a crossing guard at the corner of James Ave. and 50th to help students safely crossing the street.  

Here are some additional traffic and safety precautions to help ensure the safety of all students:

·        Please DO NOT drop students off or park on the south side of James Ave. adjacent to the school building. This is where our buses unload and there is a safety hazard for our students. 

·        Please DO NOT attempt to make an illegal left turn into the Lynnhurst Field lot from Eastbound 50th Street. 

·        Please DO NOT attempt to make a U-turn or any other illegal driving maneuvers on streets around the school.

We need to work together and keep everyone's time and safety in mind to make morning drop-off safe and efficient for students and families.


Building Access

A reminder that for safety reasons school staff are the only adults allowed in the school building. If you need to pick up your child early, or drop something off, please call the school office at 612-668-3280. 


Student Devices & Technology Support

PreK-5 students returning to in-person will now bring their devices back and forth from school.

·        Students returning to in-person learning who have been using MPS technology for distance learning will bring their devices (including power cord and adapter) to school and back home each day so that they are prepared for distance learning in the event of a cold/snow day or quarantine. 

·        Students who have been using personal technology (devices they own) during distance learning will have access to a device at school and that device will remain at school.

·        Students who have been using an MPS hotspot will keep their hotspots at home for school use to complete homework, etc. 

·        Students should charge devices each night at home to ensure devices are ready for school each day.

·        Please label the device and charging cord with your student's first and last name on a piece of masking tape.

If you have questions or need support with student devices please visit the technology resources and support page.


Transportation and Here Comes the Bus App

If your child is scheduled for transportation and you have any questions or information updates, please contact Janine Freeman at 612-668-3280. The district also recommends each family download the Here Comes The Bus app on your phone to keep track of where your student's bus is along with anticipated bus stop arrival time. To sign up, you will need your student's MPS ID number which is located on report cards and on school correspondence. The district code is 87018. 



If you are planning to travel, please review the recommendations from the CDC. Students who travel will be asked to quarantine according to the CDC recommendations before returning to school. During quarantine, we will work with the teacher and family to ensure that students needing to quarantine have on-line access to their in-person classroom as well as the necessary learning materials needed to engage and keep pace with the in-person classroom.  


Water Bottles 

If your student is returning to in-person learning, if possible, please send your student with two water bottles filled with water and labeled with their first and last name and room number. Classrooms will take breaks to refill water bottles as needed each day.


Cold Weather 

Indoor recess will be called anytime the temperature or wind chill is below zero. Students will participate in different movement activities in their classroom during indoor recess.


Specialist Schedule 

All students will have access to all of our specialist class (PE, Art, Music, Media, and STEM) in the second semester of the school year. Classrooms will rotate through specialist classes every two weeks (ex. Room 140 has PE Feb 8-19 then rotates to Art Feb 22-March 2). Rotating every two weeks versus each day was a safety recommendation given by the district. Teachers will communicate further details with families about their classroom specialist schedule.


Tuesday Time with the Principal

Each Tuesday Mrs. Bartl will be hosting an optional drop-in time for distance learning students from 12:30-1:00.  This is an informal opportunity for students to connect with one another and Mrs. Bartl. We will do a variety of things during this time from playing games, to reading stories, to just chatting. I look forward to the opportunity to spend more time with students. Students can participate through google meets using the nickname: mrsbartl. 


Media Center Book Checkout has Changed

Library book pickup has changed! Library books will now be placed in the foyer before 1 p.m. on Thursdays and can be picked up any time between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Please see the library website for more detailed information, including how to place holds and to see what books your child has already checked out. There will be delays in checking books in, as they are quarantined when they first come in. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Hyrkas


School Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Find the latest information and updates regarding returning to in-person learning, distance learning (DL), Comprehensive District Design (CDD), and other district-related business. 


School Spirit Fridays

We continue to celebrate our Burroughs spirit every Friday. Encourage your children to wear any "Burroughs Wear" our colors (navy, blue, and yellow) each Friday. 

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