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Important School Announcements
Community Questions on Social Distancing Guidelines and In-person Enrollment 
Please see this FAQ for responses to questions from community members

In-person Enrollment
We are pleased to share that we continue to have interest from families who would like to have their students return to in-person learning at Burroughs. Currently, 511 students of 660 have returned which is approximately 77% of our student population. 

As a result of continued interest in students returning, we are finding more instances where we may not be able to strictly adhere to social distancing recommendations in all instances. We will, of course, have other health and safety protocols in place such as mandatory face coverings, regular disinfection and more, but we want you to know that social distancing will be a challenge at times given our school space. 

If this causes you concern and you would prefer to shift to distance learning, please contact the Burroughs school office at 612-668-3280 as soon as possible. Thank you for continuing to prioritize the health and safety of your student and all students at our school.

Covid Self Screen & Attendance
To minimize the risk of Covid for students and staff, please screen your student for illness before they leave for school each morning. Keep your student home if they:
1. Have any symptom of illness (runny nose, fever, headache, stomachache, fatigue, any symptom).
2. Were in close contact of someone who tested positive for Covid
3. Have tested positive for Covid
4. Are waiting for the results of a Covid test
5. Someone in your home has tested positive for Covid

We will have a low threshold for sending students home and a high suspicion for Covid. You may also review attendance guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Health relating to Covid-19 along with additional resources and a helpful decision tree.? If your child will be absent, please notify the school by calling the attendance line at 612-668-3288

Burroughs Health and Safety Plan
Find information about our school's plans for keeping students and staff safe during in-person learning. Please reach out to Patty FetterCovid Coordinator, with any questions.

Face Coverings (Masks)
Please send your child with 2-3 clean masks each day. Masks sometimes become wet and if this happens students will need to change to a dry mask.

Morning Drop-off Circle
Student drop off begins at 8:55 am. School staff is unable to supervise students prior to this time.

Please pull all the way around the parking circle. Students should exit the car as quickly as possible in order to keep traffic moving. Please do not park and get out of you car. Students should exit the car on the passenger side and not walk around the vehicle. This is for everyone's safety and efficiency. 

Alternative Morning Drop-off Locations 
The parking circle can be a stressful experience and is only for K-2 students. Other drop off locations to consider include the Mount Olivet parking lot or James Ave. north of 50th Street. Crossing guards are at the corner of James Ave. and 50th Street to help students safely cross the street.  

For the safety of our students, please DO NOT drop students off or park on James Ave. adjacent to the school building where the buses unload. Please do not make any U-turns. As a reminder there is no left turn out of the Burroughs parking lot during arrival and dismissal times.

For safety reasons dismissal times are staggered between 3:20 pm and 3:40 pm by grade level and classroom. If you pick up your children from school please be mindful of their classroom pick up location and time and do your best to remain socially distanced from others. Please do not cross the street on James Ave. between the buses. In order to remain safe, please use the crosswalk at 50th Street and James Ave. or cross at the end of the bus lane down by the field. 

Building Access
A reminder that for safety reasons school staff are the only adults allowed in the school building. If you need to pick up your child early, or drop something off, please call the school office at 612-668-3280

Student Devices & Technology Support
If you have questions or need support with student devices please visit the technology resources and support page.

Travel and Quarantine
If you are planning to travel, please review the recommendations from the CDC. Students who travel will be asked to quarantine according to the CDC recommendations before returning to school. During quarantine, we will work with the teacher and family to ensure that students needing to quarantine have on-line access to their in-person classroom as well as the necessary learning materials needed to engage and keep pace with the in-person classroom.  

School Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Find the latest information and updates regarding returning to in-person learning, distance learning (DL), Comprehensive District Design (CDD), and other district-related business.

Site Council
Information about Site Council and meeting minutes can be found on the Site Council page.
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