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Thank You from your Outgoing PTA Board

We thank our PTA members, volunteers, and our community for showing up and coming together both during challenging and joyous occasions this past school year. We are proud to be wrapping up the year as one that involved authentic engagement, meaningful action-oriented debate, and an alignment to the PTA's mission-driven purpose. On a final reflective note, we asked ourselves: What’s ONE thing we loved about serving on the board? Hear from us below!

Erin Albu: Volunteer Coordinator – Collaborative Connector

“I loved working with my team, parents, and school staff and knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of our Burroughs kids and also kids across the district. We have amazing and generous parent volunteers at Burroughs!”

Abbie Wozniak: Treasurer – Strategic Number Cruncher

“I loved how well we came together as a team! We all had different interests and strengths, and we really worked to combine those in a way that did the most good for Burroughs and our district. As treasurer, it was also amazing to see how hard our teachers work on their classrooms and for their students. I had a unique view of that when I connected with them for reimbursements.”

Tricia Madden: Vice President, Empathetic Communicator

“One thing I loved about serving on the PTA Board is creating and building friendships with many in the community that I didn’t know or know well. I’m very thankful for that.”

Lekha Gupta-Badjie: President, Equity-focused Community Builder

“I loved working with our Executive team to elevate the brand of our PTA from a fundraising administrative body to a mission-driven fundraising and community-building organization. It was fantastic to see our community come together for Burroughs AND district needs. What a moment!” 

We hope as a community you will continue supporting the PTA as the new Board steps in with Sam Kwon leading as the President. Here’s to new beginnings!

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