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Classroom Champions

Championing the Connection of ALL Families!

Classroom Champions aim to bring together Burroughs kids and families through inclusive, low-barrier and FUN out-of-school events.

It provides an informal parent-to-parent information resource that helps keep all families in the know and included in the world of Burroughs.

Being a Class Champ involves: 

  • Low pressure, low time commitment, high reward volunteer opportunity

  • Plan 2-3 simple, free events per year (come up with your own or choose one from our list)

  • Total time commitment is ~6-10 hours per school year

  • Reach out to fellow parents periodically to build community & answer questions (unknown answers provided!)

  • This is not a "room parent" or party planning role for in-school events

  • Champs will need to read the information packet prior to starting

What is the Classroom Champion Program?

As part of Families for Equity and Justice, the Class Champs program mission is to support equity and justice at Burroughs by engaging all families through inclusive classroom and grade-level events. The program hopes to coordinate free, low-barrier, and most of all FUN out-of-school activities that bring together kids and families. It also provides an informal parent-to-parent information resource that helps keep all families informed and included in life at Burroughs.

How does the program work?

Class Champs will coordinate 2-3 free, simple, extracurricular events per year for the classroom (K-2) or grade (3-5). They will also provide families their contact info for questions regarding life at Burroughs, and will make an extra effort to be a warm and engaging presence at activities - a guaranteed friendly face.

What is the program NOT?

Class Champs are not room parents, party planners, or classroom volunteers. They aim to add as little extra work for teachers as possible, asking teachers to forward 3-4 emails per year to families and distribute 2-3 fliers per year.

How do I sign up?

If you'd like to be a Champ for your child's classroom, sign up here.

For more information, please email

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