Social Studies and Other Stuff!


  1. Conquer the Continents is a challenging game of world map reading and country recognition.  Open up a world map and keep it handy next to you while you try this game.
  2. September's double field trip includes the Mill City Museum.
  3. September's double field trip also includes the Stone Arch Bridge.  Arches are amazing inventions that the Romans built.
  4. Hey, the tropics may have the equator, but Minneapolis has an imaginary line too!  We are on the 45th parallel, and we will see the rock that marks it  during our double field trip.
  5. Learn what longitude and latitude mean and sing this song in the car.  Is that Mr. Hofmann on the accordion?
  6. Impress your friends and family with Secrets About the Presidents.
  7. Since we study inventions you will probably enjoy scrolling right or left on this timeline of inventions.


  1. Make-a-Flake allows you to make a paper snowflake even if you have paper or scissors at home.
  2. Great typing practice.
  3. We went to Orchestra Hall and heard a great concert.   Use the password "copland" and listen to “The Iron Foundry”,  “The Glory and the Grandeur”, and “Gyil Jumbie Concerto”.  Those three songs have some amazing percussion! 

Finally NetTrekker is a great search engine for young students because real people review and rate the sites that it references.  Hopefully less ads and less junk.  Try it for research into science, social studies, or other stuff  Ms. Hennen in Media for the passwords you need to use it.