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Art Class Update from Mr. Pilon
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 9:10 AM

Here's an update from the art room as we start off November: All students added their names to a grade-level artwork that will be auctioned off at the Fall for Burroughs auction. This year's theme was Minnesota professional sports logos. They will be displayed the first week of November in the atrium.
Kindergarten: We are investigating lines, shapes, and colors and how artists use those to create works of art. We will be looking at examples of art works and starting to talk about what we see and/or what we have questions about. We are moving more into focusing on color and how we can use and create different colors, such as the primary and secondary colors.
First Grade: Students just finished creating self-portraits. Now we are working on "stuck trees" after reading the book Stuck. Students are using their creativity and personal interests to create illustrations of trees with a variety of things stuck in them.
Second Grade: We just completed a pop-up landscape project where we looked at foreground and background. We are going to start looking at how we use revision in creating our artwork. We will be working on figure drawing and proportions and then building off that to create a final superhero-inspired self-portrait.
**Third through fifth grades will have sketchbooks in the art room, which we will use for warm-ups, planning/rough drafts, and free drawing.**
Third Grade: We will continue to look at how to use observation when creating artwork. We are currently working on creating Lego people self-portraits that will be displayed in the hall near the third-grade rooms.
Fourth Grade: We have started investigating Dia de los Muertos and the artwork of Jose Guadalupe Posada, a Mexican printmaker known for his image "La Catrina" and also more current work by local artist, Luis Fitch. They are then working on creating an edition of relief prints inspired by Dia de los Muertos.

Fifth Grade: The students are looking at how artists generate an idea. We are using abstraction of an image/part of an image found in magazines to create the idea for their monochromatic paintings. They will be taking their smaller idea and enlarging for their final painting while focusing on a specific monochromatic color scheme and how that can create a feeling or mood.