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Box Tops - Keep Clipping and Start Scanning
Tuesday, September 24, 2019 8:25 AM

So far this year, $165.10 in clipped Box Tops and $39.80 in scanned receipts has been earned for Burroughs. This program has raised $31,818 for the PTA over its lifetime!  It will eventually go all digital, but there are still lots of clippable Box Tops on store shelves. Clip and send these with your child to drop in their classroom container.  
Get into the habit of scanning your receipt into the app when you purchase any Box Tops items. It takes just seconds, and is an easy and free way to give money to the PTA. Don't want to scan your receipt? Just send in with your child within 7 days of purchase to give Burroughs the credit. Questions? Come to the PTA meeting, see the bulletin board in the atrium, or email Lara Tickle.