Burroughs Yearbook

Order your child's yearbook ON LINE (Google Chrome highly recommended) this year (school ID 1206819) or via the envelope (make checks payable to Burroughs PTA) that is sent home in early February of each year.  Yearbook orders are due in early March of each year.

Don't forget to order a Zoom, a colorful year in review insert that will remind you and your child of all the world and USA events of the year!  A yearbook costs $14, add $2 for a zoom, for $16 your child will have their year in review for both Burroughs and the world, with their picture on the cover.  Please note that only 1 picture can be on the front cover. If you do not want your child's picture on the cover you will need to order your yearbook via the envelope and write a note on the front of the envelope.

You can also make a donation on line or in your envelope for another child to enjoy a yearbook too. Contact Ms. Alvarez with questions at (612) 668-3282.


Ms. Alvarez, 668-3282,  Room 153