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Camp Read-Away is Back With Amazing Grace!
Sunday, February 4, 2018 1:40 AM

To celebrate this first full week of the Read-a-Thon, join your student for Camp Read-Away during media class! Sign up to read around the campfire here. Take a photo of your child in the Read-a-Thon photo op where he or she can pretend to be dressed as Peter Pan, just like Grace. Help your child find the mini version of Grace, hidden somewhere in the library dressed as a character from one of her favorite stories. Even if you can't join your child for Camp Read-Away, remind them to bring their favorite small stuffed animal and flashlight.
Hopefully your families have their noses buried in your own favorite stories, but please take a few moments to do the following:
  • Help your child's class tally more minutes by signing up to be a guest reader.
  • Ask your employer if there is a provision in your benefits program for "matching funds." This means that if you contribute to an organization like Burroughs, your employer will contribute the same amount to that organization. Your employer will provide you with the necessary forms to be turned in to the school. Every dollar helps.
  • Help your child to identify and contact sponsors.
  • Help your child set up a fundraising page on GiveMN for easy electronic fundraising.  Detailed instructions are in your Read-a-Thon packet.  If you have more than one child, please set up individual pages and send in separate forms for each child on March 2.
  • And of course, encourage children to read and record the minutes they spend reading at home or on their own at school! An online version of the Read-a-Thon packet can be found here.