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Class Champs: Championing the Connection of ALL Families
Tuesday, September 24, 2019 8:05 AM

OPT-IN: Look for an email or flyer from your child's teacher, and OPT-IN in to receive direct emails from your Class Champ on fun, free events throughout the year. K-2 classes only.

Class Champs still needed for 5th Grade. Consider helping host an event early next spring to discuss all things Page in preparation for the move to Justice Page Middle School. 

What is it?
The Classroom Champions program aims to bring together Burroughs kids and families through inclusive, low-barrier, and FUN out-of-school events. It provides an informal parent-to-parent information resource that helps keep all families in the know and included in the world of Burroughs. 

Be a Class Champ 
*      Low pressure, low time commitment, high reward volunteer opportunity 
*      Serve as a point person among families for the class/grade
*      Choose pre-planned event ideas, or come up with your own, 2-3 per year
*      Reach out to fellow parents periodically to build community & answer questions
*      This is not a "room parent" or party planning role for in-school events 

Grades K-2 
o   1-2 parents per class

Grades 3-5 
o   2-5 parents per grade
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