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Congratulations "Burroughs Family Fun-Runners"
Tuesday, December 19, 2017 10:00 AM

Burroughs students, staff, and their families and friends challenged themselves to a continuous run in the gym during the "Burroughs Family Fun Run." More than 742 parents, grandparents, friends, nannies, alumni, staff and junior citizens participated with our Burroughs runners.
Goals and Challenges by Grade (continuous running without stopping!):
Goal: 15 minutes. Challenge: 20 minutes.
First Graders
Goal: 20 minutes. Challenge: 25 minutes.
Second Graders
Goal: 25 minutes. Challenge: 30 minutes.
After the K-2 "Fun Run," families and friends played together with balls, ropes and other toys. 
Third Graders
Goal: 30 minutes. Challenge: 35 minutes.
Fourth Graders
Goal: 35 minutes. Challenge: 40 minutes.
Fifth Graders
Goal: 40 minutes. Challenge: 45 minutes.
Congratulations Burroughs Family "Fun-Runners" for your hard work and dedication to your bodies! 
Mr. Peterson and Mr. Hil