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Dining for Dollars Success!
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 9:40 AM

Dining for Dollars, which launched as Burroughs newest fundraiser this year, has had two very successful events. Thanks to everyone that attended - MyBurger brought in $413 and Cafe Zupas earned $213!

These events are a perfect excuse to take the night off from cooking, spend some time with fellow Burroughs families and earn money for the PTA.

Upcoming Dining for Dollars events and the percentage given back to Burroughs:

  1. Monday 10/29 Chipotle (near Southdale), 33%
  2. Tuesday 11/12 Punch Pizza (Calhoun), 20%
  3. Saturday 12/1 Conquer Ninja Warrior-Parent Night Out (Burnsville), 30%
  4. Tuesday 12/4 Cafe Zupas (near Southdale), up to 25%
Watch your child's backpack, Facebook, and right here for more details in the coming weeks!