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Don't Miss Out on These Upcoming Great Gatherings!
Thursday, January 31, 2019 9:00 AM

Tickets are available for a variety of Great Gatherings throughout the school year. Choose from grade-based gatherings, family events, or adult-only outings. There is something for everyone! Great Gatherings are one of the many ways we bring families together to build community at Burroughs, and 100 percent of ticket revenue goes directly to the Burroughs Fund. We welcome all families. If ticket price is a barrier, please email Ms. A or Sarah Hoek.
We have many fun events remaining. Check out the full listing of this year's gatherings, and purchase tickets here.
Feb. 2  Kindergarten Parents 80s Party 
Feb. 7  Fifth Grade Moms Night 
Feb. 22  Ladies Bunco 
Feb. 23  Flight Time: Craft Brew Party 
Feb. 24  Gifts of Imperfection Parent Workshop 
Mar. 3  First Grade Moms Brunch 
Mar. 7   Fourth Grade Moms Night 
Mar. 8  4th Annual Paddle Tennis 
Mar. 9  8th Annual Dads Bonfire 
Mar. 23  Third Grade Parents Craft Cocktails 
Mar. 27  Spring Break Moms Mani/Pedi Event 
April 13 1st Grade Parents & Paella
April 27 Burroughs Ball
April 27 Mother-Son Sky Zone Night