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February Art Room Update from Mr. Pilon
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 9:15 AM

During the month of February, Burroughs student artwork will be on display at the Washburn Public Library. Stop by and check it out!
Kindergarten: This month, we are wrapping up looking at how artists use color in their work. We looked at the work of Paul Klee and designed animal portraits with either warm or cool collaged backgrounds. Next, we will be moving on to how artists show space. We will be creating city murals where we focus on far and near.
First Grade: We are continuing to investigate color in our dinosaur landscapes and our Wild Thing paintings. We will also be getting into working on clay and creating monsters/fish that incorporate clay hand-building techniques.
Second Grade: We just wrapped up making clay animal sculptures. We are now starting to look at how you can show space in your artwork through drawing an aquarium.
Third Grade: We are continuing to work on creating our 3D cities. Usually, I put those on display with the other artwork at the Washburn Library, but with the days off this month, we are a little behind. I am hoping some will be done to display for the second half of the month.
Fourth Grade: We are working on 1-point perspective and incorporating that technique into a surrealist landscape.

Fifth Grade: We are starting to work on our clay project this month. We will be creating face vessels, which incorporate both slab construction and hand building.