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Give to Burroughs Using EZ Bucks
Tuesday, May 8, 2018 9:45 AM

EZ Bucks programs are still going strong! Congrats to Mrs. Lasser's first-grade class for clinching the March Madness Box Tops contest, and Mr. Hulsey's fifth graders claimed the April slot. If you'd like to help with either of their board game celebrations or game parties next year, please contact  Lara Tickle. 
Box Tops have already brought in $1,805.10 for the Burroughs PTA. Visit the Box Tops website to enter daily sweepstakes contests to win more money for Burroughs and print money saving coupons. 
Coca-Cola Codes
As a reminder, Coca-Cola brand products have codes on caps and cardboard packaging worth $.05-$.38 each, and through May 18, Coca-Cola is DOUBLING their value! If you purchase products like Powerade, Dasani, Coke, Minute Maid and more, collect the codes and send them in to your child's classroom.

Holy Land hummus packaging also has non-profit organization $.25 coupons. Be sure to send those in as well!