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Great Gathering Tickets for 2018-2019 On Sale Now!
Tuesday, November 20, 2018 9:05 AM

Great Gatherings are one of the many ways we bring families together to build community at Burroughs, and 100% of ticket revenue goes directly to the Burroughs Fund. Choose from grade-based gatherings, family events, or adult-only outings. There is something for everyone! 
We have many awesome events remaining. Winter Gatherings are listed below. The full roster of 2018/19 events can be viewed and tickets purchased through the following link:


We welcome all families. If ticket price is a barrier, please reach out to Ms. A or  Sarah Hoek.

12/6    Third Grade Moms Wine and Crafts
12/15  Justice Page Middle School Tour
12/15  Elf Movie at the Lagoon Theatre

1/10   Moms Sip & Swag
1/12   Kindergarten Family Event
1/17   Second Grade Moms Night

2/2    Kindergarten Parents 80's Party
2/7    Fifth Grade Moms Night
2/22  Ladies Bunco
2/23  Flight Time: Craft Brew Party 
2/24  Gifts of Imperfection Parent Workshop