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Important School Announcements
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 3:30 PM

Mindfulness: We kicked off our second round of Mindfulness with Jen Feriancek this week. Jen reported that it was great to be back in classrooms working with teachers and students and she was impressed by what students remembered from last year. Thank you PTA and Jen for this opportunity! If you want to know more about mindfulness check out Jen's website at wiseowlmindfulness.com.

Electronics: Please review the electronics policy in our calendar handbook. This policy includes all personal electronic devices including smart watches.

Drop-off Circle: Please review our drop-off circle safety protocols and use the circle for drop off only if you have children in K-2.

Attendance/Tardy: Regular attendance and coming to school on time are important to your child's success at school. Please see the Attendance Page on our website for our protocols and procedure regarding attendance and coming late to school.

Dismissal: This is an extremely busy time of day. Please communicate to the teacher in person or in writing well in advance of dismissal time if your child will be going home in an alternative way.