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Instructional Insights
Tuesday, October 22, 2019 10:05 AM

Educational Equity - In Minneapolis Public Schools Equity is one of our four district wide priorities.  Our goal is to ensure educational equity by examining educational beliefs, processes, and practices that raise the achievement of all students while narrowing the gaps between the lowest and highest performing students; and eliminating the racial or cultural disproportionality of which student groups occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories, including rate of graduation (Policy 1304 Equity and Diversity. Minneapolis Public Schools 10/08/2013).  At Burroughs, we have identified equity as a school improvement strategy for 2019-20.  As a result, we have established an Equity and Engagement team.  The purpose of this team is to help lead our staff through learning experiences that support us, as adults, in developing in the areas of the three Equity competencies:
1. Understanding One's Lens and Bias
2. Cultural, Racial, and Gender Learning/Relationship Building
3. Racially, Culturally, and Gender Sustaining Practices
We are at the beginning stages of this important, challenging, and ongoing work. I am inspired by the passion of our Equity and Engagement team and look forward to sharing more about the work that our staff engages in and its impact on our adult and student community.