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Instructional Insights
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 10:20 AM

We know that homework is a controversial topic in schools these days. At Burroughs we strive to ensure that any homework assigned is meaningful to the learning of our students and that our protocols around homework meet the needs of our students and families. In collaboration with our Site Council, we worked to create a school wide homework philosophy. Below is the philosophy that was approved in April of 2019:
  • At Burroughs Community School, our teachers provide students the opportunity to reinforce their learning with supplemental homework exercises. Homework is provided with the intent to reinforce and support the academic and social concepts learned in the classroom, as well as to provide an opportunity for families to learn about what students are experiencing in the classroom.
  • Teachers will communicate and collaborate to determine their homework approach for each grade level to ensure consistency in the homework provided on a quantitative basis (amount of homework) and qualitative (concepts) basis. Homework will not be tied to classroom rewards or punishments.
  • As always, parents are the final decision makers in how much, if any, homework their child completes. If you have any specific concerns about homework, please consult with your child's teacher.