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Join the Fun at Upcoming Frozen 2 Great Gathering
Tuesday, November 5, 2019 9:45 AM

Great Gatherings are one of the many ways we bring families together to build community at Burroughs, and 100 percent of ticket revenue goes directly to the Burroughs Fund. We welcome and encourage all families to attend any and all Great Gatherings that are held throughout the school year. If ticket price is a barrier, please email Beth Alvarez or Wendy Jezarian
Be sure to get your tickets to the upcoming Frozen 2 Movie Screening today! 

Frozen 2 Movie Screening - Watch the highly-anticipated return of Anna and Elsa at a special movie screening of Frozen 2. We've rented out the theater so you can see the movie on opening weekend with family and friends on the big screen at Mann's Highland Park Theater in St. Paul (15 minutes from Burroughs.) This Great Gathering is on Sunday, Nov 24 and will begin at 9:30am. Ticket price is $15 and includes the movie, popcorn and a drink.

Buy your tickets here.

Additional Great Gathering events will be announced on Friday, November 8. Stay tuned to the Burroughs Bulletin!