Lunch Information

 Kindergarten is the first group to eat lunch at Burroughs, at about 11:15am.  For lunch, your child may choose home lunch or school lunch.  You can combine the two options for a schedule that works for you.  The menu is online (see link below) and you can decide daily what kind of lunch you’d like your child to have.  If you choose school lunch, your child will have a lunch number that the teachers will help them learn.  You can add money to your child’s account online and will be notified when the account needs to be replenished.  The students will have 20 minutes to eat, followed by 15 minutes to play outside.  If your child is a slow eater, there is a “Not finished” table that they can sit at to finish their food.  We have found that generally 15-20 minutes is plenty for kids to eat.  There are several lunchroom volunteers to assist the children with opening items.  If your child has allergies, there is a “peanut free table” and all teachers and volunteers are familiar with allergy concerns and how to prevent an incidents. 



To pay for school lunch, you can send a check/cash or set up a lunch account online, which automatically reloads from your bank account when your child's lunch account balance gets low.  Check here for more info on lunch payment


Check out the MPS lunch menu, recipes, and free/reduced lunch application here.