Mindful Body

We learned about our mindful bodies by noticing our body in the present moment. When we practice our mindful listening or mindful breathing, we “sit tall with our mindful body” and we focus on the following:

- sitting in a tall, proud position with a straight spine

- hands resting on legs or in lap

- head is neutral, shoulders back and down

- body is still and quiet

If we are sitting in a chair with a mindful body, we move forward in the chair so our feet are grounded on the floor, if possible. If we are standing with a mindful body, our feet are parallel and a few inches apart with our arms by our side. We can also be mindful of our bodies by noticing when we need to stretch, move or rest.

*Family Challenge:  Sometime when you are tired, restless, or bored, try bringing your attention to your body. Change to be sitting or standing with a mindful body. Do you feel more alert? Is it easier to focus? What do you notice?