Mindfulness at Burroughs
Burroughs Kindness Wall


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be defined in many different ways. Here at Burroughs, the following definition helps us with our understanding by breaking it down into three parts: “Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment with kindness.”

aware = notice; pay attention

present moment = now (vs. past or future)

kindness = caring; being nice to self and others


Benefits of Mindfulness:

- improves attention and focus

- teaches emotional regulation

- increases awareness and adaptability

- grows compassion for self and others

- calms the body and mind

- improves resilience and gives greater balance


The social and emotional well being of our staff, students, and families is important to us. Burroughs PTA has proudly funded a Mindfulness Program since 2017. We worked with Jen Feriancek, Mindfulness Educator at Wise Owl Mindfulness, for two years to introduce mindfulness at Burroughs and lay a foundation for mindfulness in our learning community. The mindfulness program will continue with PTA funding professional development opportunities for staff and creating a Parent Mindfulness Group. Please see the attached links for ways to try mindfulness at home and explore with your child and an open mind.


If you are interested in joining the Parent Mindfulness Group to support students and staff in their mindfulness efforts, please contact Alison Campbell alisonjcam@icloud.com Thank you!