Ms. Spooner's Math Group

Hello and Welcome to Ms. Spooner’s math group.


IMPORTANT!!!!!  Your child HAS to have their Singapore WORKBOOK in class each day for correcting and working in.  This book left at home makes doing math in our class very difficult. 


Now that we have that out of the way here is everything else you need to know.  Maybe print this out.  ; )



You will find our homework schedule, links to print out lost Extra Practice  book pages, and links for extra credit homework as well as websites to make learning fun.

Mr. Moen and I share a webpage and communicate frequently about how to meet the needs of our math students. 

We both use our school’s Singapore Math curriculum and supplement with additional resources as we see fit to meet our students’ needs. 


What students need to bring EACH day:

Math folder

Math notebook (in folder)

Singapore 3A (and later 3B) WORKBOOK


Correcting Pen




Most days we start class by doing a Sprint.  A sprint is a timed test in which our goal is to improve our basic computation skills.  Students are in competition with themselves and these scores are not recorded. 

Correct Our Assignment

Next, we gather on the carpet in front of the smart board and self correct our assignment.  As explained to your children, this is a chance to look closely at our math work and celebrate our successes, share our thinking and learn what we are working on.  Students use pen to correct problems.  We all share our ideas about how we solved our problems.

Direct Teach

Next I direct teach new information, new skills or strategies.  Often times we use our Math textbook and notebook during this time.


I assign pages in the workbook and students begin working in their Math WORKBOOK.  As students are working, they are receiving support as needed.


If students complete an assignment during classtime they play a math game related to what they are learning which hopefully reinforces skills and basic math facts.


As we work through our units, I will have students tear the “Friendly Notes” out of their EXTRA PRACTICE workbook pages.  These notes are for use at home and stay at home.  (I have the EXTRA PRACTICE workbooks in our classroom.)

We also tear pages out of our EXTRA PRACTICE 3 book to be completed as homework.  Please check this packet and our webpage for due dates. (Students are asked to write the due date in the upper right hand corner of this packet as it is assigned).

If you want more math homework, please complete the extra credit packets and visit our math links. 

ALL homework needs to be corrected by families.  Please sign packet so that I know you have looked it over with your child.

How you can support us:

Be familiar with our webpage.

Look at your child’s workbook each night and see what we are working on.  Help as necessary.  Just please be sure to send the workbook back!  We need it each day in class for correcting and working in. 

Consider doing extra credit packets.