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Note from the Principal
Tuesday, October 24, 2017 2:55 PM

Dear Families,
I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful long weekend last week. The autumn weather and fall colors are beautiful right now! This is my favorite time of year! I want to begin with a huge "Thank you!" to all who came out for our annual Fall Campus Clean Up. Our campus looks great and is ready for winter. I look forward to seeing all the daffodils that we planted when they bloom in the spring. Thank you to our PTA landscape committee for organizing this! 

We had a fantastic turnout for parent/teacher conferences. Thank you for taking the time to come and talk to your children's teachers. I hope that you found conferences to be a meaningful experience. 
With November right around the corner, we have another busy month ahead. The end of the 1st Quarter is November 1, and there is no school for students on November 2and 3. These days are for teachers to engage in professional learning opportunities and to work on report cards. 

Another event that takes place in November is our annual 'Fall for Burroughs' Auction. This year, the auction will take place on Friday, November 10at the Minneapolis Events Center. Tickets for this event can be purchased online or in the Burroughs main office. This is not only a fun event for our adult community, but is is also an important fundraiser for our school. We look forward to seeing you there!

Instructional Insights
MPS Levels of Service Talent Development Model

MPS uses the Levels of Service model developed by Dr. Donald Treffinger for Talent Development. The Levels of Service model believes in casting a wide net for enrichment opportunities so all students can learn about and develop their individual interests and strengths. Levels of Service is a district-wide and school-wide model committed to developing talent in all students.
Level 1 Services: All students have unique interests and learning preferences. All students benefit from exposure to new areas of interest and enrichment of the core curriculum. Burroughs offers a plethora of Level 1 services to all students school-wide and many more specific to each grade level through field trips, guest speakers, special events and special projects that spark students' curiosity and interest. Some of the school-wide enrichment opportunities at Burroughs include Sinfonia, BRAVO,and Read-a-Thon. Level 1 opportunities for all students in each grade level through field trips, interest based projects, guest speakers, etc. are communicated by each grade level team.
Level 2 Services: Many students may want to deepen their areas of interests through school-based enrichment opportunities. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and areas that spark their curiosity because this may lead them to discover their strengths and talents. Burroughs offers many different Level 2 opportunities for students to explore their areas of interest in more depth through a variety of afterschool classes and clubs. Level 2 services are also provided in the classroom where students are involved in interest-based projects and learning centers.
Level 3 Services: Some students exhibit advanced learning needs that require opportunities beyond what is provided in Level 1 and Level 2. Some students require a differentiated curriculum that provides depth, complexity, novelty, and pacing based on their strengths, talents, and interests. Students identified as advanced learners in MPS receive Level 3 services. Components of Level 3 services include advanced differentiation of the core curriculum, grouping for core instruction, and a teacher trained in the cognitive and affective needs of advanced learners. Students who have not been identified still receive Level 3 services when they exhibit advanced learning needs in core instruction.
Level 4 Services: A few students have learning needs that surpass advanced differentiation of the core curriculum. At the elementary level, Level 4 services include options such as full grade level acceleration or subject acceleration. At Burroughs, we offer acceleration opportunities with telescoped math classes in fourthand fifthgrade. Full grade level acceleration is rare. Once Level 3 services have been exhausted, MPS follows a district acceleration process.