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Note from the Principal
Tuesday, September 25, 2018 10:30 AM

Dear Families,
We had an eventful week last week with school picture day and the start of after-school classes.In the week ahead, we look forward to "Pedal, Paddle, Fish Week" for our 3rd graders and our first Site Council and PTA meetings of the school year.We hope to see many of you at the PTA meeting, which is a wonderful opportunity to network and get involved in the many wonderful things that go on at Burroughs.
I want to thank all of the family members who have shared their time with us over the last couple of weeks. Whether volunteering in classrooms, the lunchroom, or with Week on Wheels and Beachcombers Day, we so appreciate the time and energy you give.So many of the things that we do at Burroughs simply could not be accomplished without your generosity.Thank you!
It will be October before we know it!Please watch for information coming out soon regarding conference dates, times, and the link for signing up to meet with your child's teacher.
Please feel free to reach out by phone, email, or in person, with any questions that may arise. 
Ana Bartl                                                                  
Instructional Insights
Guided Reading: Guided reading as an instructional approach to literacy will be a focus for our staff this year. This is a teaching approach designed to help individual readers build an effective system for processing a variety of increasingly challenging texts over time.
Guided reading is not an exercise to practice reading skills. It is research-based, professionally energized, highly targeted, scaffolded reading instruction that propels all students toward confident, independent reading of high-quality grade-level books across a diverse array of literature and informational genres. Reading well means reading with deep, high-quality comprehension and gaining maximum insight or knowledge from each source.
Using benchmark assessments or other systematic observation, the instructional reading level of each student is determined. The teacher forms a temporary group of students that are alike enough in their development of a reading process that it makes sense to teach them together for a period of time. In selecting a text for the group, the teacher uses the level designation; thinks about the strengths, needs, and background knowledge of the group; and analyzes the individual text for opportunities to support students' successful engagement with the meaning, language, and print of the text. The teacher uses the text to help the children expand what they know how to do as readers.
  • Independent Reading Level - The independent level is the level at which the child can read easily and with pleasure. This is the highest level you would ask a child to read with only a small amount of assistance.
  • Instructional Reading Level - Most students are taught by their teacher at their instructional levels during their guided reading time.This is the level at which the teacher 'stretches' the student in his/her thinking and reading. This is the highest level at which a reader is not independent, but has adequate background knowledge for a topic, and can access text quickly with no or few errors.