Organic Composting and Recycling Program

Burroughs is continually focusing on protecting our environment and supporting John Burroughs’ love and respect for nature by doing things more ‘green’, such as the implementation of an eco-friendly Organics Composting and Recycling program in Spring 2008. 

Lunchroom waste (food, used paper products and milk cartons) and used paper towels from the restrooms, which were all previously being sent to the landfill, are now being collected and sent to Hennepin County Transfer Station and converted into something useful: DIRT (used for road projects, landscaping, playing fields and also for preventing erosion and polluted storm water runoff from contaminating our wetlands, lakes and streams). 

Plastics, cans, cardboard and paper are being collected from all areas around the school (cafeteria, classrooms, office, teacher lounges) and sent off for recycling.

Organic composting and recycling has significantly reduced the amount of trash generated daily (we’ve gone from 9 bags a day down to 1 in the cafeteria!).

Reducing waste in landfills reduces the creation of methane – a gas that has 20 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide. 

Reducing solid waste being added to the landfill not only benefits the environment, but also heightens an awareness to students, staff and families which will extend to principles and actions adopted outside of school.