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PE Teaches Students Fishing Skills
Tuesday, October 2, 2018 9:00 AM

Second Graders: Burroughs second graders had a chance to hone their fishing skills at Lake Harriet. They learned about our lakes, fish species, habitat for fish, and how to use rods and reels. They learned about the catch-and-release technique using barbless hooks. They were challenged to bait their hooks, catch the fish, and unhook the fish they caught. We temporarily kept fish in buckets to track our catches, resulting in a final count of 170 fish!
Thanks to the PTA, Active Solutions, parent volunteers, the administration, and our second-grade teacher team for making this a memorable event for our students.

Third Graders: The 9th annual third-grade Pedal, Paddle, and Fish PE field trip was a great success! More than 125 Burroughs students biked, kayaked, and fished at Lake Harriet and learned essential fishing skills: proper identification and use of fishing equipment, baiting hooks (not required), removing fish from hooks (not required), casting techniques, presentation of bait, and fish identification. The students practiced catch-and-release techniques and used barbless hooks. Students fished from the fishing docks and caught 291 fish, breaking last year's school record of 162 fish. While canoeing and kayaking, students learned basic paddling stroke techniques, boating etiquette, and water safety. This field trip emphasized character building, cooperative skills, individual success, bicycle maintenance, trail and water etiquette, and bicycle and boating safety.
Fishing equipment, supplies, bait, canoes, kayaks, life guarding services, and transportation of the equipment were donated by Active Solutions. The Burroughs PTA purchased reserve teacher positions that allowed for this event to take place.