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Read-A-Thon Party Week Is Coming!
Tuesday, March 26, 2019 7:50 AM

The reading is done; now it's time for some fun! Read-a-Thon celebrations will take place the week of March 25. Click here for party dates and times, as well as detailed ingredient information on the products that will be served. Parents are invited to serve JonnyPops to our readers on Wednesday, March 27. No signup needed; simply join us for the party (times below).
JonnyPops Parties (lunchroom):
1:10-1:30: Kindergarten
1:30-1:50: 2nd Grade
1:50-2:10: 1st Grade
2:10- 2:30: 3rd Grade
2:30-2:50: 4th Grade
2:50-3:10: 5th Grade