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Reading is Always in Season!
Tuesday, February 26, 2019 9:40 AM

It's hard to believe that Read-a-Thon is almost complete! Keep on reading until February 28th! Remember, 2 million minutes earns the whole school t-shirts and glittering Principal Bartl! 
Collect your pledges and donations for Burroughs! Read-a-Thon is PTAs largest fundraiser of the year, providing the majority of funds utilized by the PTA. The PTA funds classroom enrichment, field trips, teacher support, and school-wide events.
Some things to note:
  • Make out checks to Burroughs PTA.
  • Neatly fill out all information on the top of each form and envelope.  
  • Read-aThon forms and donations should be sealed in the provided envelope. 
  • Please note the parent/guardian signature line on the Minute Calendar. 
  • Shirts are unisex sized. When choosing shirt sizes (under the minute totals on the calendar) please indicate Youth S, Youth M, Youth L, Adult S, Adult M, or Adult L.   
Please turn in your completed donation envelopes to your classroom teacher no later than Tuesday, March 5. Thank you from everyone at Burroughs for your contribution!