Shop with Scrip

Shop with Scrip’s gift card program makes earning money for Burroughs easy!  You buy full value gift cards, and the retailers give a rebate of 2-20% back to Burroughs.


For example: use the gift cards instead of cash, credit cards, or checks for groceries at Cub, to get gas at Holiday, buy clothes at Athleta, Old Navy & North Face, pick up some new kicks on Zappos, grab home improvement supplies at Home Depot & Ace, book your vacation on Delta & Airbnb, get practically ANYTHING on Amazon, and re-charge at Starbucks while earning money for Burroughs.  You don’t spend any more than you normally do, AND earn money for Burroughs.


Gift card orders are typically due on the 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month and gift cards are available for pickup in the Atrium the following Friday before & after school or by special arrangement. Once purchased, many cards can be reloaded 24 hours a day. Electronic certificates (“ScripNow!”) are also available for last minute purchases. An average family could earn Burroughs $50-100 a month! 


Here are a couple of real-life examples of how the program raises money for Burroughs:

  • “We are almost out of cat food,” says the note on the counter. I sign in to my account through and order an electronic gift card for Petco before heading out to the store. At the checkout counter, simply by showing the Petco electronic gift card on my phone to the cashier, I both kept our cats alive and raised $2.50 for Burroughs!

  • One of my child’s friends has a birthday party coming up. I ordered a $25 physical gift card from Barnes and Noble; while I was at it, I also reloaded my Starbucks card. I picked the cards up the following week at school. Bonus result? Another $4.50 to fund programs for Burroughs students! 

Scrip cards can become your new favorite currency! The first step is to enroll in the Burroughs Scrip Program at, using Burroughs Enrollment Code 317379FB55215. Once enrolled, you will be able to place orders from any of the hundreds of retailers participating in Shop with Scrip, using them regularly to pay for your household’s expenses or as gifts to friends and family.


Shop with Scrip offers two ways to pay. The first is PrestoPay, which allows you to make electronic debit payments from your checking account. The other option is personal check dropped in the “Shop with Scrip Box” in the School Office.  Please note that it takes a few days for your bank to verify the initial PrestoPay account.


More information can be found in the SCRIP Family User Guide.


Please contact Burroughs parent Beth Goodpaster, Scrip Program Coordinator, with any questions via email to