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Shop With Scrip
Tuesday, December 19, 2017 10:50 AM

Still need last-minute holiday gifts? Scrip Now electronic gift cards are available 24 hours a day and delivered to your inbox (or the recipient's) in minutes. Start turning your ordinary purchases into money for our school by enrolling on the Scrip Fundraising page on the Burroughs website.
In less than three weeks, "Shop with Scrip" has raised over $300 for Burroughs, simply because a growing number of families have started to make their everyday purchases using gift cards instead of cash, checks or credit cards! When you pay with gift cards ordered through "Shop with Scrip," the participating retailers (including Cub, Target, Holiday Gas, Whole Foods, PetSmart, LandsEnd, Ace Hardware, and hundreds more) send Burroughs a percentage of the face value of each gift card purchased.
The next deadline for ordering "physical" gift cards is Friday, January 19 at noon. The gift cards will be distributed the following week. Need any help with enrollment and ordering? Contact Beth Goodpaster, Burroughs PTA Scrip Program Coordinator, by phone at 612-308-0093 or by email to scrip.burroughs@gmail.com.