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Shop With Scrip
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 8:20 AM

Try something new for 2018! Buy the same ol' stuff at your usual favorite stores at the same ol' prices, but make new money for Burroughs School just by using Scrip Gift Cards to pay instead of cash, checks, or credit cards! Need groceries at Cub, Whole Foods, or Target? Filling up at SuperAmerica or BP? Need to replace lost mittens at Lands' End? Use Scrip Gift Cards ordered through the Burroughs PTA to pay for these and many other purchases from hundreds of retailers, and they will send a percentage of the gift cards' face value to Burroughs. This program raised more than $350 for Burroughs just in the few weeks before winter break!

Learn more about Scrip on the Fundraising page of the Burroughs website. Then make your orders for gift cards through Burroughs PTA by enrolling in Shop with Scrip here using Burroughs PTA's Enrollment Code #317379FB55215.

The next deadline for ordering physical gift cards is Friday, January 19 (no deadline for electronic gift cards once you are enrolled). If you have any questions about how to enroll in Shop with Scrip or place orders for gift cards, email Beth Goodpaster, Burroughs parent program coordinator.