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Shop With Scrip Fundraising Program
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 8:50 AM

Receiving gift cards is so much fun - especially when the gift cards from many of your favorite retailers make money for Burroughs! "Shop with Scrip" is the PTA's newest year-round fundraising tool where Burroughs families can order and use gift cards to make their everyday purchases, instead of paying with cash, checks, or credit cards. 
Retailers participating in the Scrip program (including Cub,Target, Holiday Gas, Whole Foods, Old Navy, PetSmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, and hundreds more) send Burroughs a percentage of the face value of each gift card purchased. The rebates range from 2-20%, easily adding up to hundreds of dollars for Burroughs per participating family!
In last week's "Shop with Scrip" program trial at Burroughs, families raised over $100 for Burroughs by ordering gift cards both to give as gifts for the holidays, and to use for their own ordinary purchases at Target, Walgreens, PetCo, LandsEnd, and Starbucks. And this was with only three families participating in a single week! 
The next deadline for making gift card orders is Friday, December 15 at noon. The gift cards will be distributed before winter break. For instructions on how to enroll your family and start turning your ordinary purchases into money for Burroughs, check out the 

Scrip Fundraising Page on the Burroughs web site

Need help with enrollment and ordering? Contact Beth Goodpaster, Burroughs PTA Scrip Program Coordinator, by phone at 612-308-0093 or by email