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Sign-up Today for Active Solutions Classes
Tuesday, November 19, 2019 9:00 AM

Active Solutions After School Classes and other Full Day School Year Camps are open to any student from any school. Visit us online for more information and to register!
We are Now Offering: 
- Youth Enrichment and Leadership Mentoring Programs for Middle School and High School Students.
- Custom Camps/Events/Outings for: birthday parties, neighborhood play groups, sports teams, scouts and brownie troops, private: sports, fitness and recreation instruction, women's groups, worship groups, and more.
If you have any questions, please contact Pat Caldwell or at 612-802-7882 or contact Pete Hill at 952-212-7290. 

Parents and staff are always welcome to attend.
Pete and Pat
After School Winter Classes (Grades K-5)
- Ice Skating Grades K-5 (Mondays)                                              
- Physical Education for Girls (NEW) Grades K-5 (Mondays)     
- Ski and Snowboard Club Grades 4-5 (Tuesdays)                      
- TMT Actors Playhouse:                                                                 
      Puppet Theater Grades K-2 (Mondays)                                       
- TMT Actors Playhouse: Comedy Improv                                  
      Actors Workshop Grades 3-5 (Mondays)
- Volleyball Skills for Girls Grades 3-5 (Tuesdays)
- Winter MYBirdClub Grades 2-3 (Wednesdays)
- Winter MYBirdClub Grades 4-5 (Tuesdays)
- Winter PE Adventures Grades K-1 (Thursdays)
- Winter PE Adventures Grades 2-5 (Wednesdays)
- Zumba Fitness and Dance Class Grades K-5 (Fridays)
Full Day School Year Camps: All Day Gym Camps (Grades K-6) 
- Release Day All Day Gym Camp #1, #2 and #3, Grades K-6 (01/17/2020, 02/18/2020 and 03/27/2020)
- Thanksgiving Break All Day Gym Camp, Grades K-6 (11/27/2019)
- Winter Break All Day Gym Camp #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6, Grades K-6 (12/23/19, 12/26/19, 12/27/19, 12/30/20, 01/02/20 and 01/03/20)
- MLK Day All Day Gym Camp, Grades K-6 (01/20/2020)
- Presidents Day All Day Gym Camp, Grades K-6 (02/17/2020)
- Spring Break All Day Gym Camp #1, #2, #3 and #4, Grades K-6 (03/30/2020, 03/31/2020, 04/01/2020 and 04/02/2020)