Site Council Meeting Minutes -- April 24, 2012

Present at the meeting:

Angela Shifrin 
Tim Cadotte
Mike Cronin
Mike Hatting
Amy Marquardt
Frank Catchings, Jr.
Slats Fairbanks
Melissa Harritt
Janel McGreevey
Beth Alvarez
Eric Simpkins
Mike Kuehn
Julie Blossey

Nominating Committee
Angela Shifrin, Amy Marquardt, and Dave Keepper are on the committee. They have three people who are interested in joining Site Council. We will not have an election. The new members will be invited to the potluck.

2012 School Year
School starts on August 27th
We have school the day before Thanksgiving
Winter Break – 1 week and 2 days – December 21 –Jan 1st. School starts again on Jan. 2nd
Spring Break – April 1-5th
School ends on June 4th