Site Council Meeting Minutes -- January 31, 2012

Meeting Minutes from January 31, 2012

Present at the meeting:

Tim Cadotte
Angela Shifrin
Mike Cronin
Mike Hatting
Mike Kuehn
Amy Marquardt
Slats Fairbanks
Melissa Harritt
Dave Keepper
Janel  McGreevey
Therese Mooney

Selecting Budget Committee

We would like to complete a parent and teacher survey before the budget committee meets this year.

The proposed budget looks to be 2% higher than last year.

There will be 1 ½ days of meeting to discuss the budget, then the budget is presented to site council and PTA.

We do not know when the budget committee will be meeting yet.   It is always a Thursday and a Friday.

Probably during the first two weeks of March.

Proposed committee members – 

3 parents – PTA president, Burroughs Fund chair, and Site Council representative.

3 staff members -  Tim Cadotte and two teachers


New Middle School Discussion

New principal announced Feb. 1st

Open House at Ramsey on Feb. 4th, 10 a.m. to noon

Lunch and Recess Time

Tim Cadotte shared his notes from 2005 explaining the reasons for the lunch and recess time frames.   These explanations will appear on the school website. 

During February testing times the school needs more volunteers in the lunchroom.


Burroughs will receive 30 iPads.  It has not been determined how they will be used.

Art Show

Feb. 15 – March 14thth art show at Washburn Library