Site Council Meeting Minutes -- November 19, 2013


Site Council Meeting Minutes                                                       
November 19, 2013


Update on Silent Auction – Beth Gyllstrom shared early results from the Silent Auction – too soon for final numbers but in general it is fair to say the auction was successful.
Code Red drill - Amy Marquardt acknowledged the positive performance of the Code Red Drill conducted recently at Burroughs.


Site Council Participation
We are still searching for Green Zone and Community Representation

5:45 – 7:00


Picking up where we left off at our last meeting…

In our first few meetings we discussed the need for greater volunteerism. Since then we have:

-        Assessed the strength of each PTA Committee program and determined we are in good shape in terms of being covered
-        Teacher survey sent out last week to gain teacher insight to volunteering needs
-        Looked at the volunteer experience from awareness to participation and identified some opportunities; like clearer direction online and possibly a parent liason per grade to assist with coordinating volunteering opportunities.

We also discussed

-        Burroughs needs for support that cannot be solved for by volunteerism (i.e. funding, class size, etc)

-        Site Council and PTA action, if any, to address these realities