Site Council Meeting Minutes -- October 25, 2011

Meeting Minutes from October 25, 2011

Present at the meeting:


Tim Cadotte                                                       Angela Shifrin

Frank Catchings, Jr.                                         Mike Cronin

Julie Blossey                                                       Mike Kuehn

Slats Fairbanks                                                  Melissa Harritt

Jake Knaus                                                          Dave Keepper

Therese Mooney                                             Mike Hatting

Lucia                                                                      Cory Piper-Hauswirth


Burroughs Fund Mailing

The Site Council members helped Cory Piper-Hauswirth (Burroughs Fund Chair) complete the mailing for the Burroughs Fund.


Silent Auction

 The Silent Auction will be held at St. Anthony Main Event Center on November 18th from 7 – 11 p.m.  There will be a band.


Fall Conferences

The on-line Google document used to schedule Fall conferences worked well.  Although the document should be closed sooner to avoid last-minute schedule changes.  Next time there should be a deadline posted for closing the document on a certain date.