Site Council Meeting Minutes - January 25, 2011

Site Council Minutes 1/ 25/11


1.         Discussion on Student Pickup Policy

Parents who live West and South of Burroughs are in attendance and requesting a second walker  parent pickup spot for students who walk at the Bus 6 sign. (Currently there are only 5 busses) Anne Miller, Megan &  ------

They are concerned about congestion in the Atrium, the need to walk around  the entire building to main door, danger of 50th, hard to keep track of younger children while watching for teacher in Atrium, length of time between K and 3 seems very long to keep younger ones happy

Tim: a reserve teacher has no idea who is picking up the children when it is down the street and that policy needs to be policy and there are lots of people who want exceptions.  Tim is concerned about the safety of the children and whether parents know it or not, he and Beth and Mr Catchings are noticing who is in the Atrium and who may not belong there (ie. A non-custodial parent, or someone that does not have permission to pick a child up)

We decided to form a sub-committee to come up with a proposal 

Peter Hoffman: Pick up time is very difficult on days a regular classroom teacher is not there to do it. It is very difficult to keep track of all the children even with the way it is now. Safety needs to be first in decision making over convenience.

We decided to form a sub-committee to come up with a proposal: 


Mr Peterson(because he stands there)

Site Council (Melissa will be asked & Mary)

Anne Miller & friends

Jake Knaus


2.         New site council Members

            Welcome…Maria Hernandez & Lucia Guaman


3.         Bylaws ammended  and passed by unanimous vote. (Alternates Angela Shifrin and Mike Cronin voted in place of absent members Melissa Harritt and Mike Kuehn) New version will be forwarded to Tim Cadotte for his files


4.         Translating newsletter into Spanish(Eric and Peter)

1-3 hours to translate newsletter

cost : Cory $50.00 for one sided page x about 30 per year

$150.00 outside service

Some of the neighborhood things don’t need to be passed on to parents.  Who would decide what goes on and what gets translated to Spanish? Tim would probably meet with Cory. Need to keep in mind that this is an estimate that Cory did and it could take longer. She would do it on the weekend outside of her regular duties and would be paid by the PTA if approved.

Maria shared that she looks at the current newsletter and uses an online translator for things she does not understand and can get the gist of the announcement. Not all parents have access to computers though.


Suggestion to  make a recommendation to PTA to make this happen via Cory and cover expenses.  (Eric & Pete at March 9 PTA meeting) PTA does have some money left in this year’s budget if approved we may be able to make it happen this year.



5.         Conference sign up process:

Parents contacted Kristy about signing up for conferences on sheets in atrium. Harder for working parents who can’t get in to get a good time, or a time coordinated with other children.

On line process; google document as tool,

Sign up at meet the teacher night/curriculum night

Send in top three time slots

This is a system we are thinking needs improving…Kristy will get back to group with proposal.


6.         Is Burroughs doing too many things? (Tim and Charles)

A proposal was made at the last PTA meeting to add an International Day/World Cultures event and the idea is one that Tim likes and would be good for the school. However, it would be one more thing to take away from instructional time. Tim attempted to get feedback from teachers on this but is concerned that we don’t have a handle on how much we are already asking them to do that is extra.

How many things can we keep adding without taking anything away. Make a list of all the extra things we do and look at how much instruction time is affected.  What other events encroach on teacher’s day…

Look at what we do now and what doesn’t have energy behind it and maybe drop those things before adding anything new. A suggestion was made that some field trips could be used as celebration at the end of the year or semester rather than how they are scheduled now.

Charles will come up with list of what we do in addition to  core curriculum and report back in March (or by email in February as he will be absent from the meeting)



7.         Budget meeting representatives:

Meeting date will be set soon. One day and a half to go over budget with Tim. Committee will be Amy Jo, Cory P-H, will ask Melissa or Mike Kuehn if they are interested

Finalized for staff to look at and site council to vote on.


8.         No principal updates from Tim


9.         Future agenda items

Pick up policy-committee

Budget Committee set

Conference Sign up-Kristy McQuinn

Are we doing too much?-Charles


Please send any additional items that come up to Mary Moen one week before the next meeting on February 22. Dinner will be provided by Peter Hoffman, Eric Simpkins and Janel McGreevy