Site Council Meeting Minutes - March 29, 2011

March 29, 2011 Site Council meeting

Members Present: Jake Knaus, Mike Kuehn, Angela Shifrin, Charles Spolyar, Melissa Harritt, Kristi McQuinn, Frank Catchings, Janelle McGreevy, Beth Alvarez, Julie Blossey, Joyce Lasser, Tim Cadotte, Mary Moen



Bulletin Spanish Translation:

No funds needed from PTA . Tim has found a way for Cory to do this within her normal duties next year.


Nominating Committee:

Angela, Mike Kuehn will take over. Kristi gave them documents from last years committee. There are 3 two year positions and 2 alternate positions open.


Conference Sign up process:

Burroughs is proceeding with using Google docs for the conference sign up process and it will be in place for Fall Conferences.

Template will be set up by Melody and given to teachers to distribute via email to their student’s parents. Those without email will be called.

Pilot program before Fall conference would be valuable perhaps for reading assessment that occurs before school starts if possible

To do: Tim will take from here.


Proactive Bullying Education:

Burroughs is using a curriculum called FISH for school programming (Chart house publications). The foucus has been in 4th and 5th grade so far, but it is based the concept of mutual respect that takes place at the Seattle Fish Market and originated as a corprate program and was adapted for schools.

The classes have been sending representation down to the office for morning announcements on Mondays to share a snippet about what they have learned. The plan for next year is to use the curriculum more extensively and to hold regular assemblies around the concepts taught.


An assemby was held for all fourth and fifth graders on Monday March 28 to discuss behavior issues among other things.


Burroughs will do a better job at explaining this curriculum and what to do if you feel your child has been bullied. This will be available on the website. 


Bus behavior issues continue to be a concern and so far two busses are on assigned seating. Assigned seats are often not adhered to by students and very difficult to enforce. The buses have been reduced by 3 this year and are very crowded with many seats holding three students. Many routes are also longer. This is not ideal for an orderly bus ride.Frank has even had to ride on a bus this year in order to get a handle on the problems on one bus. Bus write ups are rarely happening which is frustrating to administration because it is difficult to act on an incident on the bus unless it is reported by a driver. 


We also discussed that a definition of the term bullying is needed so we are sure we are clear about what is occuring at school. It is difficult to track this if we do not have a clear and common definition.


Burroughs staff wants all children to know that if they are having a problem with another student/students that they can come to a teacher or administrator and the problem will be addressed. 

Finally, administration believes strongly that their approach to solving disputes between students is effective and working. They want the students involved to sit face to face discuss the incidents. 


James Avenue Parking/congestion: Mary will contact Jonette Kuhnau with the city of Minneapolis to help assess situation


Student Pick up policy: Anne’s rewording acceptable…Tim will get the policy clarified in the handbook-done


Principal update including budget

Kindergarten has eliminated snacks/treats for birthdays and most celebrations started because of Peanut safe restriction

May be doing this school wide

Tim still not feeling good about cuts that had to be made in budget process


Future Agenda items:

James Ave parking/congestion

PTA will get message out to community where Read-a-thon money goes and why we ask for more

Snack/treats be gone