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Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing Week
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 9:25 AM

February 19 to February 22 is Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing Week in PE classes for grades K-5. Students will meet in the gym during their regular scheduled PE classes and then embark on a snowshoe and cross country ski outing along Minnehaha Creek.  
Students who have their own snowshoes or cross country skis may bring them to the gym on Tuesday, February 19, for storage. All equipment will be secured and locked in the gym. Your child is not required or expected to bring snowshoes or cross country skis to school; we have many pairs of snowshoes and cross country skis for your child to use. Snowshoes and cross country skis may be picked up after school on Friday, February 22, or after your child's last PE class.
Students should remember to bring hats, mittens, boots, jackets, and snow pants. If weather conditions are questionable, check the Burroughs website for updates.
Parents are welcome and encouraged to come.  We need your help!  Check classroom PE schedules on the PE website.
Email Mr. Hill with questions.