Talent Development and Advanced Learner Education

MPS follows Treffinger's Levels of Service Model for Talent Development. To learn more about this model click on Definition in the sidebar.

At Burroughs, our classrooms offer robust Level One services to all students throughout their day with educational field trips, guest speakers, special programs, and special classroom projects and investigations based on grade level core curriculum. All students are provided the rigorous Singapore Math curriculum. Check each grade level's webpages for details about this year's enrichment. 

Burroughs students are offered a variety of Level Two exploratory classes before and after school for those interested. Some of our current offerings this year are: Spanish, French, Band, Orchestra, Ukelele, Bird Club, and Destination Imagination.

Level Three services for advanced learners are provided in the classroom throughout the day through advanced differentiation of the core curriculum. Burroughs has an Advanced Differentiation Specialist to assist teachers in implementing strategies and curriculum for our advanced learners. 

You can learn more details about our site Levels of Services plan for this year when you go the Definition section.

Advanced Learner Indentification

Components of Level Three Services