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There's Still Time to Shop With ScripNow! for the Holidays
Tuesday, December 18, 2018 8:50 AM

You can still place orders for ScripNow! electronic gift cards this week and throughout winter break, 24 hours a day online. The digital/printable certificates arrive to your Scrip Dashboard in seconds. You'll need to use the online PrestoPay feature because checks won't be picked up again until January. We'll start up the physical Scrip card sales again right after break. We've raised $1075 for Burroughs just this fall!
And, congratulations to Sarah Hoek, who won the drawing for a $25 Scrip gift card out of all orders placed last week! You can browse and order online, using the Burroughs Enrollment Code 317379FB55215.

Email Beth Goodpaster with any questions.