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Track and Field Day 2017: Fun for Everyone!
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 7:50 AM

Last week, Burroughs students had a blast at the annual Track and Field Day events, taking home more than 4,000 ribbons. Mr. Hill and Mr. Peterson would like to thank all the adults who took time out of their day to help everything run smoothly. In addition, they extend a special thank you to those high-school Burroughs alumni who came and helped in various leadership and support roles. How exciting to see our youth helping others in their community! Also, a big thank you to those who helped with all the smaller tasks, which can be overlooked: Every bit of support helped ensure a successful event.

And thank you to our administration and teachers who have been so supportive as well. With everyone working together, we created an atmosphere of challenge, fun, and enduring memories! Have a great summer everyone, and "Get out there and PLAY!"