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Unclaimed Lost and Found Items Will Be Donated Tomorrow!
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 10:10 AM

There were lots of unclaimed items in the lost and found bins that were cleaned out a week ago (six large garbage bags full). Labeled items have been returned to students. Unclaimed winter items will be held onto until January 23, and then they will be donated. The items already removed will NOT be put back in the lost and found bins to avoid mixing them up with new lost items. 
Let's work together to reduce the number of unlabeled lost and found items: Mabel's Labels sells custom labels for clothing and other school-related items, and donates 20% of the purchase price to Burroughs!. This is an ongoing fundraising opportunity. Bonus - they always offer free shipping! To place your orders for Mabel's Labels, go to this link and choose "Burroughs Community School" from the School/Organization list. Any questions, please contact Amanda Eames