Vice President: Lekha Gupta-Badjie
Tuesday, August 6, 2019 8:55 AM

Lekha Gupta-Badjie
Lekha Gupta-Badjie

August 2018 at Lynnhurst Park I attended a Kindergarten Playdate for new Burroughs parents. And that stayed with us as a family - parents showing up for other parents. So here I am today showing up for you and the Burroughs Community. What drives me is the immersion in the community, agreeing to disagree for the sake of our kiddos, and transforming our inclusive, diverse culture into actionable goals.

This coming school year, you will see me wear different hats as:

●     Vice President of the PTA

●     Host/organizer of PTA-sponsored Families for Equity and Justice [FEJ] events raising awareness around equity and inclusion

●     First-grade Classroom Champion and…

●     A proud mom of a first-grader


So, let's talk! A great place to start learning about Burroughs, our budget and operations, how we run the school and the many volunteers that make it happen is at our PTA meetings. Another great resource is the Burroughs Bulletin to stay in tune with the community. You can also reach me with questions at After all, as a great leader said: "...What are you doing for others?" ---Martin Luther King, Jr.