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Vice President and Co-Treasurer Needed for PTA
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 11:30 AM

What's a better time than now to join the PTA and help navigate the upcoming school year with creative solutions? As the Vice President, you will be part of the PTA's Executive leadership team. You will drive decisions that impact our students through fundraising and community engagement.  This is a great opportunity to shadow the President, get in touch with behind-the-scenes work on the financials, school events, and grow your network within the Burroughs community. For more information on this role, please reach out to Lekha Gupta-Badjie.

 The PTA also needs a co-treasurer for next year. This is a great fit for someone who likes to be behind the scenes and help Burroughs on your own schedule. This is a two-year commitment in which you shadow next year's treasurer, Abbie Wozniak, for one year, then move into the treasurer role. Abbie's goal is to make this super easy! She plans to develop a treasurer handbook for future reference, consolidate accounts where possible to simplify tracking, and continue to build on the transparency efforts of this year's treasurer Eric Larson and the rest of the PTA executive committee. Questions? Email Abbie. Please consider whether you can help support Burroughs through this vital function!