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Volunteer Opportunities at Burroughs
Tuesday, September 10, 2019 9:30 AM

Volunteering at Burroughs is a great way to get involved, make new connections, and support our teachers, staff, and its programs!  For a complete list of opportunities, visit our Volunteer Sign Up Page or email Erin Albu, PTA Volunteer Coordinator, with questions or interest.
The following programs are actively seeking volunteers. As always, these activities cannot happen without parent support and involvement!  Thank you in advance for your consideration.
BRAVO: Volunteer Opportunity for Music Lovers
Share your love of music and get involved in your child's classroom by volunteering for the BRAVO Music Appreciation Program! Attend two training sessions (one in fall, one in winter) and present six fun and engaging lessons throughout the year. All presentation materials are provided and no music experience is necessary. If you're considering volunteering but are short on time, partner up with another parent to split the lessons! Visit the BRAVO page on the Burroughs website or email Alyssa Northrop to learn more or volunteer for the BRAVO program.

Art Adventure Classroom Volunteers Needed ASAP
Sponsored by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (Mia), Art Adventure introduces our students to works of art from a variety of cultures. As a volunteer, you'll visit Mia to learn about the art and then bring your learning back to the classroom. No experience needed! Trainings happen in September and October--don't miss it! Visit the Art Adventure page on the Burroughs website or contact the Art Adventure Committee to learn more.

Lunchroom Volunteers Needed
If you are looking for a low commitment way to volunteer at Burroughs, consider helping in the lunchroom! We rely on lunchroom volunteers every day from 11 am until 1 pm to help the kids open containers, pass out napkins and forks, and help them learn how to sort their garbage. We especially need extra help the first few weeks of the school year. Sign up here or email Stacy Thoma with questions!
Fall for Burroughs Auction Committee is Seeking Members
The 12th Annual Fall for Burroughs Auction is set to place on Friday, November 8 at the American Swedish Institute. We invite you to join the auction committee, meet new people and help raise money to benefit the students at Burroughs. Whatever your talent, the auction committee can use your help!  Reach out to Erin Albu to learn about various opportunities.
Media Center Volunteers
Our new Media Specialist, Ms. Hyrkas, is looking for help reorganizing and updating the almost 7,000 books that our students check out each week. There is a really big need in the first few months of school as old, outdated books are taken out of circulation, and new books are put in their places. This a very flexible, calming, quiet volunteer opportunity for anyone who enjoys organization! Volunteers can come in anytime the media center is open and work for an hour or so on relabeling and reshelving projects. Please email Michelle Hines if you are interested.
EZ Bucks Committee
Join the EZ Bucks committee to help Burroughs reach our 2019-20 goal of $10,000 in free money! Volunteers are needed for various programs with small time commitments. Email Lara Tickle for more information.
EZ Bucks Bulletin Board Artist
Looking for a creative person to update the bulletin board in the atrium on a regular basis with EZ Bucks program earnings. This is a flexible opportunity and can be done on school days as well as evenings and weekends. If interested, please reach out to Lara Tickle.
Shop with Scrip Coordinator
This gift card program has so much potential and brought in nearly $2,000 last year with just a handful of families placing regular orders. We are looking for someone to grow participation and handle compiling paper and online orders twice a month and distributing cards. This is a flexible opportunity and can be done on school days as well as evenings and weekends. For more information, please contact Lara Tickle.
Dining for Dollars Co-Coordinator
Assist with setting up fundraisers with restaurants and businesses and promote them via fliers, Burroughs Bulletin articles and Facebook. Over $4,600 was earned during the inaugural year of this program last year. This is a flexible opportunity and can be done on school days as well as evenings and weekends. Want to learn more? Email Lara Tickle.